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1. How do I join Zoinla?
It's simple! Just go to our sign-up page and follow the instructions provided. The 'Sign Up' link is provided on the top right hand corner. Change the time zone to your country time zone and tick the box for "Terms of Service".


Pricing & Payment

1. Does Zoinla Charge Merchants for Zoinla Features?
Our desire is to see Merchants and Members meet each others' needs as we provide a platform in a form of Zoinla. And so, Zoinla is Free for the first year! Merchants get to enjoy the benefits that Zoinla gives for a 1-Year Free Trial Period.

Zoinla Dashboard

1. How do I create a new Zoinla Microsite?
Once you are in your Dashboard, click on 'New Site' and follow the instructions to fill up your desired site's details.

2. What is a Zoinla Microsite?
Zoinla Microsite is a Microsite created for Merchants & Universities to make full use of Zoinla's special features. This Microsite will be listed in Zoinla's directory page where someone can browse through and subscribe to their favorite Merchant/University either via Notebook or Zoinla Mobile App.

3. Is there any specific size required for my logo image?
The ideal size for a logo on a Zoinla Microsite is 400px x 400px.
4. How do I share my account with my team/partners?
Under Dashboard, go to Manage Site & click on Share. To invite, simple click on "New Invite". Key in your team/partner's email address. Permissions can be given to people in 3 kinds of roles, namely, "Can Edit", "Read Only" & "Super User". Permissions given to "Can Edit" means they can only edit the event page or only part of the Microsite. "Read Only" means the individual can only view the Microsite, whereas "Super User" has the permission to change the Profile, Microsites, and everything the founder of the Zoinla Account can do. This is useful for an expanding company with many branches.

5. How do I invite new members?
If you are a Merchant or University, and you have a Database of customers or students, you can add member for that particular Microsite. Under Dashboard, go to "All Members" and add an existing member in "New Member". Or, you can invite someone new at "Invite Members".

6. What are groups?
Groups are used to organize your members according to your needs. This will make your task easier when you need to invite a certain group of members to an Event/Promotion/Rebate.

7. How do I create an event?
Go back to Dashboard, search for the Microsite in which the event parks under, and click on "All Events". Then, create a new event by clicking "New Event" on the top right corner of the page. You will be led to fill in the details of the new event. "Type" refers to where the event message will be sent to. However, it automatically will utilize our Push Notification features which sends a notification to the members' smartphone. "No. Of Claims" refers to whether this event can be claimed once or for unlimited times. "Subject" & "Body" will appear in the invite message sent out. You can also control the time period in which is in accordance to you marketing campaign by editing the "Start Date" & "Last Date". Make your event more attractive by uploading "Event Images".

Then you can "Preview" or proceed to "Create Event". This will bring you to the next step which is to invite members.
8. How can I use an event?
Managing members has never been so easy when merchants use Zoinla. Its easy features and event creation can be used to notify of your customers/members by sending notifications using multi-channel communication namely, SMS, e-mail and the App itself.

Our Push Notification is a powerful tool that is used to send notifications to Members to keep them updated of your events. Members also have to choice to unsubscribe to your Microsite if they get spammed too much, so it would be good to choose your events wisely on which to send.

You can be creative by adding Widgets, wordings, picture images, etc. Do feel free to explore the many uses Zoinla has to offer. :)
9. How can I view an event report/summary?
In the same 'Events' page, the Report will be shown just beside your event.

10. How do I create an appointment with my members?
In your Dashboard, find the Zoinla Microsite in which you want to create an appointment, and click on 'All Appointments'. Once in the Appointment Page, click on 'New Appointment' on the top right corner, and fill in the details for your appointment. Your appointment will then be shown on your calendar in the 'Appointments' page.
11. What can I see in my site report?
In your Dashboard, locate the Zoinla Site of your choice and click on 'Report'. You would find a summary of your members, groups and events. This function is still under construction and we look forward in constructing a useful reporting analytics for you. Feel free to give us feedback by emailing to
12. Where can I download a QR code scanner?
You don't need to! There's a built-in feature in the Zoinla App. Once you have gotten Zoinla App in your Smartphone, the QR Code Scanner is the round button in the middle bottom of the screen. Your Members can use it to scan your ongoing promotions that uses Zoinla as your platform.

13. What is a Zoinla Widget?
Zoinla Widget is a short section of code which you can copy and paste into your own website to in case you already have a company website. Your customers can then subscribe to you via the widget link.
14. How do I share my widget?
Simply go to 'Manage Site > Widget'. Copy the snippet of code and send it to your friends and partners.
15. How do I delete a site?
Under Dashboard, search for "Delete Site?" on the sidebar on the left.

Additional info

1. Do you currently support Digital Punch card for F&B business?
This is also currently in our product feature development road map and should be ready within next 3 months.
2. Can Zoinla SMS be used globally?
Yes, it can be used globally, during signup of your zoinla account, we will prompt you for the country name that your company is currently located. We have provided 10 free SMS for merchants to test out our systems. In case of any problem, please look for online help chat on the main page of our zoinla website.
3. Do you currently support membership rewards points?
This is currently in our product feature development road map and should be ready within next 3 months.



1. Where can I download Zoinla?
You can download Zoinla via Apple Store for Iphone Users and Google Play Store for Android Users.
2. I see something that I like. How do I become a member of it?
Simply subscribe to your favorite Merchant using your Zoinla Account and you are a member of the Merchant. This way, you are able to see the latest promotions, rebates, discounts, using Zoinla.
3. How will I enjoy the benefits of being a member?
As a member, you will receive the latest news, sales, promotions, events and offers either via SMS, Email or your smartphone App. Give your wallet some slack as you remove all those membership cards and replace it with something digital and light. You will no longer need to carry tons of membership cards and coupons for different membership. Just 1 phone will do.
4. How do I use these QR Codes?
QR Codes are used by the membership owners to verify your membership. Simply just show your QR Code (either from your membership or an event) to the membership owner, and they will be able to verify it with a quick scan.
5. What is the QR Code Scanner for?
Once you downloaded Zoinla, you can use one of its built-in functions which is the QR Code Scanner. This is only applicable for Zoinla's Merchants and Members. You can use the QR Code Scanner to scan the latest promotion at the counter or off the waiter.
6. How do I unsubscribe a membership?
You will be able to leave a membership via the smartphone App. Simply locate the membership that you would like to leave and press on the 'Unsubscribe' button on the top right corner of your App.
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